Installation Art

“Origin Story” by Jennifer Szabo 12/19

The abstracted egg form, glowing core, and nest — which weaves upon and through the sculpture — is an expression of both cosmology and origin in a diverse community. What are our stories, how are they similar, how are the shared and nurtured? The sculpture was woven on site from approximately 6000 feet of rope, willow, grapevine and LED lights. “Origin Story” illuminated the central lawn of Redmond’s Downtown Park December 2019 through January 2020

“Seed Bearing Wind” by Jennifer Szabo 8/19

The first phase, a flower head chandelier hung from the Signals Sculpture throughout August and into September.  Woven onsite over the course of 4 days, Seed Bearing Wind was constructed from more than 6,500 feet of rope and signals the beginning of a cycle of rebirth.  The installation was designed to “go to seed” weeks after the install, as dandelion lanterns took flight over the Redmond Central Connector and seed pods glowed in the moonlight.


“Sundownstream” by Jennifer Szabo
City of Redmond, City Lights, 12/17

70 feet wide, 40 feet deep, 20 feet deep using 1,200 feet of rope lights and 6,000 square feet of fabric, the SUNDOWNSTREAM project was suspended above the Sammamish River in Redmond, Washington.

“Night sky” by Jennifer Szabo
City of Redmond, So Bazaar, 08/17

Seattle Center Poetry Garden Art Series 2017

Seattle Office of Arts & Culture

Phillips Residence, Seattle, Wa